Adding Hip Stabilization to Your Running Training

I’ve had ongoing struggles with hip inflammation for a while now, and while I begin (gently) training for a 10K and 10-miler in September, I’ve become more prescriptive with my training plan.

A key part of preventing future injury or pain with hip issues is folding in pelvic stabilization or hip/core stabilization exercises into your regular exercise. I’ve been doing plenty of research to find various exercises that support hip and core strengthening and stabilization. Every body is different and you should consult with a doctor or physical therapist before firming up any kind of addition to your regular exercise.

Some of these exercises require additional supports like exercise balls or resistance bands, but many can be done from home (a yoga mat would help, of course). Over time I’ve added Limm Resistance Bands, the Stretch Out Strap and P90X 10-Pound Adjustable Ankle Weights. Adding additional resistance should be done slowly and under guidance of a professional.

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All the Way to 10K: UAE Healthy Kidney Race Reflection

20180429_102058Yesterday was my third and final race for April, and my first 10K! Despite my initial intentions when I signed up for this last year, I was not able to train for this race at all. My joint health has been sub par, so I’ve been resting from any high-impact training. My time at the gym has been spent doing yoga, planks, bridges, and bringing up my heart rate on the elliptical. So yeah, I was feeling pretty nervous facing a 10K race.

Fortunately, the stars aligned and I had a really enjoyable race. I was able to manage the discomfort in my hip relatively well, and also maintained a consistent (albeit slow) pace. Despite my less than ideal physical health, everything else was top notch–the weather, clothing, my energy levels, etc. To help me best prepare for future races, I’m adding in some notes of what I did/ate leading up to it. If it worked for me today and I had a good race, hopefully the same will apply for future races, too.

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Worthwhile Winter Running Gear Purchases for 2018

If a 10K is canceled because of a bomb cyclone, but you’re still given credit to the 9+1 program… does it count?

NYRR canceled the Joe Kleinerman 10K race for tomorrow. It is a bit of a relief, not just because I would have been running in temperatures that could result in hypothermia after 10 minutes, but because my running plan in December totally. fell. apart. I’ve been experiencing pain in my hip since my last race, and while it is getting better, it is healing at a much slower rate than I anticipated. (Already in touch with my physical therapist for a check-up.) Given that I didn’t want to risk exacerbating the potential injury, I haven’t been for a run in over a month. Eep.

My next race is in about two months time, so I hope between continuing to rest up and getting some PT, I’ll be back on the treadmill and yoga mat soon, and ready to go for the 5K in March.

Gearing Up for Winter Running

Before the announcement that the JoeK 10K was canceled, I was scrambling to find some proper running gear for frigid temps. I warm up pretty quickly, so I only own two pairs of running pants, neither of which provide much insulation. I ended up purchasing these items and hope to use on a (slightly warmer than today) winter run soon.

These items are worth the investment and will keep you warm and comfortable for running in cold weather.

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race to deliver nyrr recap

Race Recap: Race to Deliver 4M

I completed my last race of 2017 today at the Race to Deliver 4M in Central Park. It was another well-organized event from New York Road Runners, with over 5,600 runners. Unfortunately the kid races and open runs were canceled for the day, but despite the early morning rain and blustery winds, I am glad the race stayed on.

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Prep for my first 4-miler

In an effort to ~*~get fit~*~, stay in shape, and keep myself strong, I’ve been signing up for short races through New York Road Runners and NYC Runs. I’ve completed three since late August, and have my fourth (and last of the year) on Sunday.

I find that having an event to work towards keeps me motivated. Some folks can go to the gym multiple times per week and break a sweat on the treadmill for no other reason than just to do it, but I am not that person. I have never been much of an athlete–not beyond my days as a co-captain of my high school bowling team. 😉  I’m not a fast runner, either, but participating in a race provides a level of accountability that, so far, has kept me moving towards bettering myself.

 Percy Sutton 5K
Harlem – Aug. 27NYRR Percy Sutton 5K

Time: 29:32

Haunted Island 5K
Roosevelt Island – Oct. 28NYC Runs Haunted Island 5K

Time: 29:51

 Abbott Dash 5K
Midtown – Nov. 4abbott-dash

Pace: 29:24 🎉

My goal in 2018 is to complete the NYRR 9+1 program that guarantees entry into the 2019 NYC Marathon. Whether I make it that far is a whole other story, but it feels good to at least set a goal and keep pushing towards it.

The race this coming Sunday is a 4-miler. I’m still trying to figure out how much rest I need before these events; for my slowest time, I ran 24-48 hours before the race… I quickly learned that was a bad idea.

Seven days out, this is my plan leading up to the race, including the past couple of days of exercise. My goal is to incorporate strengthening and balance through yoga with some cardio early in the week. For this race, I am leaving 3 days of rest.

Pre-Race Plan

Friday, November 10: 60 minute Vinyasa yoga class. Focus on balance.

Saturday, November 11: Practice run-through (literally) of the course. Cold with a wind chill. Steady pace and a couple minutes of pausing throughout as we navigated our way around the park. Completed in roughly 45 minutes.

Sunday, November 12: Rest day. My hips were feeling pretty sore, so I spent some time on the foam roller.

Monday, November 13: 60 minute Vinyasa yoga class.

Tuesday, November 14: 30 minutes of running hills.

Wednesday, November 15:  60 minute Vinyasa yoga class.

Thursday, November 16: Rest day.

Friday, November 17: Rest day.

Saturday, November 18: Rest day.

Sunday, November 19: Race day.

I’ll use this post as a benchmark what I actually achieve and how it goes on Sunday. More to come…