Podcast Picks: Space Law, and Financial Advice from Master P

Hello world, sorry for falling off the blog grid for another short while. This time I’ve been galavanting around many a National Park, bridesmaiding (that’s a verb, right?), and playing tour guide with family visiting from across the pond. All the while, I’ve been compiling some delightful podcasts of varying lengths to keep your eardrums happy.

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Podcast Picks: Stories on Grey Poupon, Fake News, and That Google Manifesto

Hello, Interwebz. It’s been a while. I’m terribly bad at blogging here, but I figured I’ll pick things up with a new [school] year resolution (I’ve been operating on a school timeline for my entire career, after all). I’ll be sharing short, curated lists of favorite broadcasts from the copious amounts of hours I spend listening to podcasts and streaming radio every month.

You’ll find curious stories of varying lengths for your aural enjoyment; most of which can be streamed right from this post. How handy is that?

And awaaaaaaay we go!

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