Worthwhile Winter Running Gear Purchases for 2018

If a 10K is canceled because of a bomb cyclone, but you’re still given credit to the 9+1 program… does it count?

NYRR canceled the Joe Kleinerman 10K race for tomorrow. It is a bit of a relief, not just because I would have been running in temperatures that could result in hypothermia after 10 minutes, but because my running plan in December totally. fell. apart. I’ve been experiencing pain in my hip since my last race, and while it is getting better, it is healing at a much slower rate than I anticipated. (Already in touch with my physical therapist for a check-up.) Given that I didn’t want to risk exacerbating the potential injury, I haven’t been for a run in over a month. Eep.

My next race is in about two months time, so I hope between continuing to rest up and getting some PT, I’ll be back on the treadmill and yoga mat soon, and ready to go for the 5K in March.

Gearing Up for Winter Running

Before the announcement that the JoeK 10K was canceled, I was scrambling to find some proper running gear for frigid temps. I warm up pretty quickly, so I only own two pairs of running pants, neither of which provide much insulation. I ended up purchasing these items and hope to use on a (slightly warmer than today) winter run soon.

These items are worth the investment and will keep you warm and comfortable for running in cold weather.

Running Pants

polartec fleece running pants athletaAthleta Polartec Power Stretch Peak Tight – $98*

These pants are unbelievably warm, while remaining light and relatively thin (given the multiple layers of fabric). There’s a clever infinite loop drawstring that helps tighten up the pants without losing the string itself.

*First-time buyers on Athleta.com are currently able to sign up for 20% off their first purchase. You can use it either online or in stores.




smartwool wool liner gloves for cold weather runningSmartwool Liner Gloves
– $24 (Amazon)

I trust Wirecutter for a lot of product reviews for running and otherwise; they do thorough analysis and consider many factors before making a suggestion. They have a great guide on running gear, which is where I found the recommendation for these Smartwool liner gloves.

I think if I were to have run with these during this bitter weekend, I would have needed another pair of mittens or fleece-lined gloves, but even on their own, they are quite warm. The touchscreen fabric on the thumb and index finger are essentially seamless, and I like that it is the same color as the rest of the glove. They also work really well.


Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 9.25.17 PMSmartwool Merino Pattern Neck Gaiter – $30 (Amazon)

This neck warmer (or a gaiter, if you’re fancy or an Anglican bishop) is almost as warm as it is soft. Which is to say, it’s super soft. I have sensitive skin, especially around my neck and face. Most of my hats have me itching and scratching my forehead by the time I get to work, and some scarves leave me itchy and sometimes even with prickly heat. This neck warmer breathes, stays warms, and has a nice snug-yet-stretchy fit.

This is great as an extra layer to keep your neck warm, perhaps in additional to a zip-up jacket or pullover. When you need extra warmth on your face, just pull it up over your nose and it stays put. The reversible design is nice, too, in case you want to mix things up a bit. (That’s the extent of my fashion advice.)


Overall I am really happy with these purchases, and although I’m bummed I won’t put them to use this weekend, I’m relieved I won’t have to run in what may be the coldest temperatures on record in New York this weekend.

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