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Race Recap: Race to Deliver 4M

I completed my last race of 2017 today at the Race to Deliver 4M in Central Park. It was another well-organized event from New York Road Runners, with over 5,600 runners. Unfortunately the kid races and open runs were canceled for the day, but despite the early morning rain and blustery winds, I am glad the race stayed on.

race-to-deliver-4-milerLeading up to the race, I followed the plan I had laid out last week. The weather threw me off a bit during this race. Without the wind, my fleece headband was too warm and made me feel all toasty, but when the gusts came through, I was glad to have it on. By the end of the race, it was pretty damp, so I was glad to have brought a bobble hat to throw on afterwards. I am still figuring out how to dress for outdoor fall/winter races, but the rule of thumb that I’ve read online–to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer–seems to stand true for me.

This was also my first race in my new running shoes. I purchased a pair of Brooks Adrenaline to provide more stability and support for my generally-clumsy self, as well as to provide more shock absorption for my ankle injury. I had previously been running my races this year in Nike Flex running shoes, which were fine for the treadmill where there is more cushioning and the surface is flat, but to continue running outdoors in those would have been a bad move.

The shoes felt great until about mile 3, at which point I had some small discomfort on the inside of my right ankle. I’m not sure if this has to do with the way I’m carrying my weight in general, if I need to adjust to the shoe, or both. The injury is on my left ankle, so I have a feeling I may be subconsciously shifting more weight/impact onto my right side, which could have caused the discomfort. I will continue to do yoga, foam roll, stretch before and after, and monitor all of the above to pin point any changes.

Overall, I am pleased with my time and for enduring those three dreaded rolling hills on the west side of Central Park. 🎉 I really enjoy NYRR events, with passersby and NYRR personnel at the kick-off and fellow participants at final push all cheering you on, it’s a great motivation to start and end the race.


My next race will be my first 10K on January 6, and also my first race towards the 9+1 program. For now, I am excited to enjoy some turkey on Thursday as a treat for tackling this race today.

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