Podcast Picks: Space Law, and Financial Advice from Master P

Hello world, sorry for falling off the blog grid for another short while. This time I’ve been galavanting around many a National Park, bridesmaiding (that’s a verb, right?), and playing tour guide with family visiting from across the pond. All the while, I’ve been compiling some delightful podcasts of varying lengths to keep your eardrums happy.

Short (under 5 minutes)

What Laws Are There in Space?

With space tourism transitioning from “Jetson’s plot line” to “highly possible reality in the near feature,” one team of law school students are tasked with making the case for a guilty party in a traffic (dune buggy?) accident in space. Space law is An Actual Thing (see?), and this story recaps an actual competition of soon-to-be space lawyers.

Irish Bars & Interior Design

Ever wonder why most Irish bars you walk into, no matter the location around the world, they all have a familiar feel? Neither did I, until I heard this story. Many can be traced back to one small company in Dublin, and Planet Money’s got the scoop.

Aaron Hernandez had a severe case of CTE

In news that is likely unsurprising to most–except maybe the NFL, whose seemingly reluctant acknowledgement of the correlation between football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) only came earlier this year–scientists confirmed that former Pat’s tight end Aaron Hernandez had a severe case of CTE. Hernandez committed suicide in 2016 while serving time in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Science correspondent Jon Hamilton explores some of the many remaining questions of whether or how CTE relates to violent behavior. (Also, if you’re all, wtf is CTE, watch Concussion.)

Medium (under 10 minutes)

Master P and Financial Literacy

Rap mogul Master P wants to teach his kids about the importance of having (and partially audit) a financial adviser. This interview with him and his son, Romeo (who is not longer so Lil’), discusses Master P’s growth from the projects to a net worth of $350 million, and how it factors in to his upcoming biopic, King of the South.

I’m Mark Zuckerberg… and I Approve This Facebook Ad

With the known interference during last year’s election, our esteemed elected officials are striving to bring more transparency to political advertisements on social media. How will it work? This interview with Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar lays it out.

Long (well, these take a while)

A Bonkers Whodunnit?

On the surface, Casefile seems like a standard murder mystery recap show. But this episode (the longest I’ve ever listened to in one sitting) had be gripped from the beginning. Note: The first couple of minutes features audio from a real 911 call, and may be unsettling for some.

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