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Podcast Picks: Stories on Grey Poupon, Fake News, and That Google Manifesto

Hello, Interwebz. It’s been a while. I’m terribly bad at blogging here, but I figured I’ll pick things up with a new [school] year resolution (I’ve been operating on a school timeline for my entire career, after all). I’ll be sharing short, curated lists of favorite broadcasts from the copious amounts of hours I spend listening to podcasts and streaming radio every month.

You’ll find curious stories of varying lengths for your aural enjoyment; most of which can be streamed right from this post. How handy is that?

And awaaaaaaay we go!

Short (under 5 minutes)

Rethinking Bus Transport

A story about an overnight bus trip operating at slow speeds–and on back roads–that was, in fact, enjoyable.

An Uncertain Future for Snopes

Snopes, the fact-checking website responsible for debunking dodgy viral content and fake news, is tied up in a messy legal battle. Now its very existence is as unknown as some of its unproven investigations.

NPR Music

This is worth the listen if just to hear Robert Siegel talk about Rolaids in hip-hop and pop tunes.

All Tech Considered

If you’re without a photographic memory and subsequently struggle to remember passwords with uppercase letters and lowercase letters and numbers and special characters meeting a seemingly infinite length requirement… you’ll want to listen to this.

About That Google Manifesto…

Does our First Amendment apply when employees criticize their employer’s diversity initiatives?

Medium (under 10 minutes)

Our Land

How did you learn how to spell “Mississippi”? A poignant story (with a captivating opener) of growing up in the Magnolia State and grappling with its history.

Rough Translation

Fake News is a relatively new phenomenon in the U.S. (although librarians have been educating their patrons on information literacy forever, but that’s another blog post entirely). Turns out we could all learn a thing or two from the Ukraine…

Long (well, these take a while)


Reveal is a great investigative journalism podcast; this was the first episode I heard, which resulted in whatever the New York City equivalent is of a driveway moment (for the remaining 45 minutes). A fascinating tale of true crime with much larger themes and lessons underneath.

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Reply All

Finally, what happens when you troll dodgy phone scammers? This Reply All episode (and its follow-up) has some truly unbelievable storytelling that will grip you from the first few minutes.

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Stay tuned for more podcast picks in September!

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