Talking Audio in Education on the #HouseOfEdTech Podcast

Chris Nesi and I have crossed Twitter paths for quite some time. Given my love for Twitter and proximity to New Jersey, I’ve come to get to know many wonderful NJ educators over the years, both in person and online. Chris was someone I had connected with digitally, but not much more than a few tweets. I was so grateful, then, when he asked me to join him on his awesome podcast, #HouseOfEdTech. What’s more, we got to talk about two of my favorite things: podcasts and education technology!

Chris and I have a solid chin wag about my long and winding road from academic libraries to K-12 hip-hop, the importance of blended skill sets for an increasingly global and tech-oriented workforce, and my fangirling over various public radio shows. You can listen to the full podcast here.

Many thanks to Chris for the opportunity to make my podcast debut while at Flocabulary! It was great fun.

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