Template: Showcasing Your Community Strategy

There are many factors to consider when building a community from the ground up, and from my experience, no two companies are the same. (Not just from my own career advancements, but from speaking with the community managers I’ve met through CMX that cover many different industries, too.)

With help from our amazing community manager, I recently refined and polished up our strategy in preparation for the growth we’ll be taking on later this year. There was a lot of information to share with the stakeholders, and we wanted to do so in a digestible way, without overwhelming everyone with too many details, while still being thorough… so you can imagine the challenge we faced.

After speaking with several community managers to learn more about their approach and what they had to do in order to get buy-in and prove the value of their community programs, we put together what turned out to be a pretty baller presentation.

I’m not going to share the details of our strategy, as every community is different, and the personas we reach and benefits we provide them (and them to us) will likely not be applicable to you. That said, the way in which we structured the key components of the community strategy presentation was effective when it came time to sharing it with those who did not know much about it. We kept it concise and managed to cover all our bases, hooray!

To follow a similar structure for your community strategy, click the button below to access the slide deck, and make it your own!


I’ll continue to share community-related resources as I build and use them. More to come…

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