New Publication: Talking PLNs in Noodle Education

I was fortunate enough to write an article for Noodle Education on social media tools for educators. This was exciting for me to get a ~byline~ in an education publication (it’s been a few years since that happened), but more importantly, I was able to give a shoutout to a handful of special educators I’ve met through my community work in ed tech.

Steve Isaacs of EdTechBridge and Sarah Thomas of Edumatch are two people I feel truly honored to have met. They are doing such important work (and they’re also a ton of fun). I’m grateful for everything their efforts to build community in education has done for my own experiences in building community, as well as so many other educators and community folks in education. It was so exciting to give them a shoutout in this article.

On a totally separate note: omg-Adnan-Sarah-mini-Serial-episodes. More on that in a few days…

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