Serial is Back. Is the Excitement, Too?

Welp, I’m sure this comes as no surprise to anyone, but Thursday was a pretty exciting morning for podcast geeks:

Serial Season 2 is here! Rejoice, we once again hear Sarah Koenig’s distinctive storytelling voice, the twinkling of the (slightly different) opening tune, and a riveting, mysterious story? Maybe.

As per usual, my impatience got the better of me and I started listening to it at work. You’d think I would have learned by now that Serial is not the kind of podcast that one can really listen to while doing work (or anything that requires any level of focus, really).

Despite listening to it four times now, I still struggled to keep my focus, even for a relatively short 40-minute episode. Not sure if this is due to the lack of a hook, or my subconscious disinterest after learning that the initial conversation didn’t involve Sarah at all, but I felt a little “meh” about it… until, of course, I heard the preview for episode 2.

Given that this story held national attention prior to Serial, I do wonder if there will be preexisting or inherent biases from listeners. Much like Koenig, I too was “a very uneducated consumer of this story,” and I look forward to seeing what they opt to share, and how they will frame it as part of a larger story.

My initial gut reaction is that this story won’t be as satisfying as Season 1, but that this is more of a way to hold listeners over until Season 3 (which, IIRC, was supposed to be Season 2, but after learning about Bowe’s audio tapes, the pushed it back).

P.S. – As a librarian, I loved her reference to Zoom. If you have any little ones on your holiday list, that book is a solid choice.

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