CMX NYC’s Holiday Drink Up

Ahh, could that gingerbread man be any more relaxed in his latte hot tub? </chandlerbing>

I envy that lil guy right now. These past couple of weeks have been Stress City, AZ, and not much time to focus or reflect on community work. In an effort to not completely desert this place, I come bearing good news!

For community folks in NYC, please join me and the rest of the CMX NYC team at West 3rd Common for our Holiday Drink Up. We’ll be schmoozin’ and boozin’ with other community peeps, and a certain David Spinks will be with us. Reserve your spot today!

Drink Specials

If you’re into karaoke, there’s a high possibility there will be (optional) singing shenanigans post-drink up. I’m particularly excited for this meetup, as it’s the first CMX NYC event I’ve actually been able to attend, despite having been with CMX NYC since its inception this summer.

As always, don’t forget to join our Facebook group and say “hello!” beforehand.

I have community stuff churning around in my noggin, and hope to get written out and up on the blog soon. See you on December 16!

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