About Those “Serial” Expectations…

A few weeks ago, I was griping about my disappointment with newly minted podcast fans (in thanks to Serial‘s explosive growth) and their lack of continued interest in the story that captivated them for months, mainly when curious developments in Adnan’s case hit the news.

I questioned if this lack of enthusiasm was tied to a dissatisfaction with how the season ended–essentially, people were anticipating a nice, neat conclusion, and Koenig didn’t deliver (understandably so). That said, I sure hope this news will pique their interest:


This seems like a huge development, but to be honest, I’ve said that about many of the follow-up news pieces about Serial. For all I know, this could mean very little in the long run. I do wonder, though, if any of this would have happened if Serial had not shed so much light on the spotty case last year. My gut says… no.

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