Content & Community: A Marketing Power Couple

It’s been a busy week, and no time to write! I had at least five calls with community members (and even more emails), a face-to-face chance encounter with one of our influencer friends (always a fun experience), and our lil team started preparing for the onslaught of events coming our way in Q1 of 2016.

I’ve been feeling pretty good about my work as of late, so you can imagine how pleased I was when my friend passed along a Digiday article, Content is Still King, but Community Management is Queen, which argues that content marketing and community management are a dynamic duo for brand loyalty. Having transitioned into my CM role by way of content marketing, I’ve always seen the innate connection, but haven’t noticed much discussion of it.

The article’s perspective buckets community management within social media customer service, which goes back to the dilemma I discussed—and continue to internally debate—in one of my earlier blog posts.

Definition confusion aside, I had a personal experience from the consumer side this week when I received a damaged item from a order. Within just a few minutes, they had refunded my money. While Amazon has offered similar solutions with past orders, Jet’s response via social definitely made me feel like there was a ~real person~ there to help me out. This specific interaction had nothing to do with content marketing, though, but it certainly made me feel positive about Jet, and more inclined to purchase from them in the future.

On the professional side, a good chunk of my work has been coordinating content that is not only valuable for our community, but written by our community, too. It’s a delicate balance of content marketing and community outreach—and with over a dozen contributing writers on the blog, it’s a rewarding experience to not only work with these fine folks, but to help get the word out about their amazing experiences and bright ideas in education.

Community is an amazing opportunity to give personality to brands. One thing I’d like to do with our community improvement next year is to add more personality throughout our marketing, particularly on social. Squad goal: Taco Bell.

“Feline Royalty” by Photography by Shaeree is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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