I’m Texas-bound!

Some exciting news to share today. The SXSWedu 2016 panels were announced on Wednesday, and the one that I’m on was accepted! (Granted, SXSW misspelled my last name, but I promise it’s me who will be there.) I’ll be reppin’ Imagine Easy on an #EdTechBridge panel, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I first discovered #EdTechBridge in my Twitter stream about a year ago, and it has been an invaluable resource for my company as we have made our way through a challenging, pivoting year. I can’t wait to join my friend Steve, and two other ETB community members, as we share stories of collaboration between vendors and educators, and how this important (and often undervalued) interaction is shaping our products and design process.

This information was shared with me last week, and I had to keep my big mouth shut for seven whole days! I’m amazed I managed it. I am so excited to not only speak at my first national conference, but to do with a great group of educators and community folks.

Oh, and I’m pumped about going to The Salt Lick, too.

Will you be heading to Austin in March, too? Let me know!

“Welcome to Austin” by Thomas Hawk is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

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