CMX Series NYC: Our first event!

Working in community management involves a bit of a learning curve for many of us. Earlier this year, I found CMX, a wonderful resource for all things CM-related. The CMX East Summit was incredibly valuable, and gave me a lot of food for thought.

When I saw an announcement on the busy CMX Facebook group about helping out with a New York-based meetup, I jumped in. Working with other awesome CMs on the leadership team, we’re excited to announce our first event next Wednesday, October 21. It’s at Trello HQ, with free food and booze, and we have lots of fun things planned. Check out the event on Facebook, and follow the trail to the Eventbrite page to reserve your spot today.

I’ll unfortunately be traveling for work, so take copious notes and share ’em with me. We’ll have more events coming up, too; make sure to join the the CMX NYC Facebook page for updates. You’ll be as happy as a parrot with a paper towel. Hooray!

Paper toooowel…I got a paper tooowel…

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