Hump Day Happiness

It’s Hump Day. These days can be tough, especially during a week when New York City is going haywire in preparation for A Very Papal Visit on Friday. Despite the excitement (and mild panic), a couple of fun things happened today that I want to share.

  • I attended my first CMGR Breakfast Meetup. What a great experience! We shared stories of how we made our way into community management, and with four or five people working in education also there, we broke into our own smaller group and talked about strategies that have surprised us in our work. If you’re in NYC, join the Meetup group and swing by the next one.
  • My boss published an article on Forbes about the need for digital literacy in education to better support future journalists (and citizens). As a former journalism student and copy editor, and current news junkie/public radio fangirl, he asked me to get involved. I appreciate the nod at the end of the article. (It’s been added to my Publications page, too.)

On a separate (and non-Hump Day-related) note, yesterday I had a really good conversation with our CEO about my work at the company, how I’ve grown, and how he can continue to support and nurture my growth in community management. It was one of the most open and honest conversations we’ve had in a while, so it was rewarding and refreshing to hear his words of encouragement and support.

As startups grow, it’s inevitable that your impact and interactions with higher-ups thin out, and it may seem like your work makes less of a difference. What’s more, with that growth comes growing pains… and it can be a little tricky to communicate all of this to the Boss Man. Being able to do that, and subsequently hearing praise and encouragement from the top of the totem pole, left me feeling good.

Hope y’all are having an awesome week, too. If you’ve got any haters out there, tell ’em to…

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