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[blockquote source=”John Romanovich, on his experience as a recovery worker post-9/11″]I think most of us consider ourselves just to be ants crawling around on the pile.[/blockquote]

Today is a difficult day. If you want to remember 9/11, consider remembering it through the people who were brave enough to share their experiences with StoryCorps.

Below is the story of John Romanovich, one of the many recovery workers who went into the dust and rubble in the days after 9/11, and literally took the first steps in rebuilding New York. As someone who felt the trauma of That Day in the weeks, months, and years following, I am forever grateful to him.

It is one of many stories from That Day, preserved by StoryCorps for all of us to listen to, reflect on, and remember. Here is John’s story:


Everyone remembers 9/11 in their own way. An alarming number of people opt to post distressing photos from That Day on Facebook, complete with a Photoshopped overlay of an American flag and bald eagle with the phrase “Never forget” on it. Others in the NYC area may take a few moments of reflection as the Tribute In Light illuminates the city skyline and reaches into the heavens, as I did this evening.

©2015 Emily Gover

©2015 Emily Gover

Another way is to quietly listen to the intimate stories of those whose lives were forever changed by those shorts moments in history. Really listen to them.

It is a challenge to remember the individual lives affected on This Day—there are so many, of course, and some media outlets do a crappy job of covering it. Fortunately, StoryCorps preserves it. StoryCorps keeps oral histories safe and accessible to everyone.

Check out their podcast, and donate to keep their mission of providing “people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share and preserve the stories of our lives,” well, alive. It will help us all remember days big and small, infamous and ordinary.

“Ant peering over the edge of a leaf” by photochem_PA is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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