• Extra Credit


    We launched our web series, "Extra Credit," in early 2018 to differentiate Flocabulary in the ed tech space. By putting our artists front and center, users can get to know the creative minds behind their favorite Flocab videos, ultimately humanizing the brand and leaning in to our commitment to hip-hop.

    In this video, meet Sammus, a PhD candidate at Cornell University and performer behind our popular "Hyperbole" lesson.

  • Extra Credit


    We produced these interviews on a monthly basis, and strived to spotlight artists from different backgrounds, experiences, and whose work within Flocabulary spanned content areas and grade levels.

    In this video, meet Ike, a rapper, lyricist, and partnerships manager at Flocabulary (and a former teacher and principal).

  • Extra Credit


    Episodes of "Extra Credit" were spotlighted in our monthly newsletters and across our social channels. We also leveraged the content as an inbound lead acquisition strategy.

    In this video, meet Latasha, a Flocabulary rapper and lyricist who has performed with the likes of Kanye, Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle. Learn how poetry supported her through the loss of a friend, and broke into the rap scene through a few chance viral videos.

  • Extra Credit

    The Phronetic

    We learned that "Extra Credit" was a great way to educate our users not just on the challenges that go into every Flocabulary video, but that each episode serves as an opportunity to reach our student users. Phro, especially, has some sound advice for our younger users.

    In this video, meet Phro, a Flocabulary producer and engineer whose music has been heard in places as far as Kuwait and China.

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Over the course of my time at EasyBib (Imagine Easy Solutions, acquired by Chegg in 2016), I built a webinar series from scratch into a community of over 8,000 members. We covered topics ranging from research reports to conference guides and tips. Here are a couple favorites from back in the day.

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