When First Impressions Fail

I read an article on EdSurge this week, Why Edtech Companies Can’t Explain What They Do. Essentially, it argues that most ed tech websites are vague, leaving educators (and prospective buyers/users) feeling confused, uninterested, or apathetic about the tool they just learned about.

Ed tech companies primarily create digital tools that require a web or mobile connection to work, so what does it say about the company (or the product) when its own website can’t communicate what it does? It’s not a great way to make an impression in an industry swamped with competitors vying for buyers’ attention.

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On This Day

[blockquote source=”John Romanovich, on his experience as a recovery worker post-9/11″]I think most of us consider ourselves just to be ants crawling around on the pile.[/blockquote]

Today is a difficult day. If you want to remember 9/11, consider remembering it through the people who were brave enough to share their experiences with StoryCorps.

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Community Management Crisis: What Am I, Anyway?

Ever since I got a ~formal title change~ in January, I have struggled explaining to people what it is I do. Most of the time I tell people I work in marketing at an ed tech company. If you work in community, you know it’s not so cut and dry.

I’m fairly positive “community manager” was not a thing when I started my job in 2012. Even now, though it is more defined and there are even conferences and summits for community managers (CMs), I’m still not 100% clear.

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The Problem We All Live With

There is this one recent episode of This American Life that I just can’t shake. I shared it on Twitter time and time (and time) again. And now I’m sharing it here. Seeing as this blog is bit a of a confluence of education and podcasts (among other things), it seems fitting to write about it.

This American Life has been a gateway for a lot of now-podcast junkies. Perhaps because of its longevity, but also because of moving and poignant episodes like this one. When I first heard it during a flight to Las Vegas, I failed miserably at hiding my tears and suppressing weird mouth noises from the strangers between whom I was wedged. (They gave me some concerned glances, but generally ignored me otherwise.)

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What to Write…? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here is the obligatory and slightly awkward “welcome to my blog” blog post. So, hi.

I can’t imagine anyone reading this is a complete stranger, so I won’t bother with an introduction of who I am. You may be wondering, however, why this blog popped up on the Interwebz in the first place.

I’m kicking this off namely to:

  • Reflect on the fun, challenging, and relatively new landscape of community management (in hopes to better my work, and hopefully get others thinking)
  • Share stories of librarianship, how and when it fits into the realm of community management, and stories (and lessons) from Library Land
  • Learn more about WordPress
  • Catalog and write about my favorite podcasts somewhere
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